Dynasty of Darkness Vol. 2 (E-Book)


“Dynasty of Darkness, Vol 2”, Scott Lively’s latest book exploring end times prophecy through the lens of demonology is an eye-opening masterpiece.  Volume One was just an appetizer.  Volume Two is the main course!

DoD Bundle Pack! (E-Book)

Dynasty of Darkness Vol. 1 (E-Book)

"Dynasty of Darkness, Vol 1", delves into the intriguing hypothesis inspired by David Hathaway's film "The Rape of Europe," exploring the occult roots of the European Union and the historical significance of the Altar of Pergamum. The author investigates the potential connection between various "thrones of Satan" mentioned in the Bible — such as Babel, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and notably Hitler’s Third Reich — and the possibility of a modern Antichrist figure embodying their legacy. This compelling narrative is a result of meticulous research and is presented as an exciting journey through history, aimed at readers seeking to understand the mystical threads linking past and present world events.



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